Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is about being fully awake in our lives. It is about perceiving the exquisite vividness of each moment

-- Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness Meditation Classes

With Paddy Kennedy, Certified Mindfulness Teacher/Coach/Trainer

(A 10-week Meditation Program for Beginner and Intermediate Meditators)

About this course

This is a 10-week program for people who would like to learn to manage stress and how to meditate. Mindfulness, which finds its roots in Ancient Buddhism, is NOT a religion but is rather a practice for all of us to find inner peace and increase physical and mental energy, to help us sleep better, to deal with our fear and anger, to help us raise our level of self-confidence and heal depression, to help manage chronic pain and maintaining a healthy heart. Mindfulness lets us live in the present moment, thereby alleviating a lot of every day worries and concerns. It contributes generally to improved physical, emotional, and mental health.
Every session involves a meditation.


  • Introduction to Mindfulness – The Key to Emotional Balance
  • How Mindfulness Can Help Us to Live and Love Life in the Present Moment
  • Beginner’s Mind / Beginner’s Mindfulness Meditation
  • What is Mediation? And What It Isn’t.
  • The Physiology of Meditation
  • Mental, Physical and Emotional Benefits
  • Meditation to Ease the Mind
  • Emotions – What are They? Where do They Come From?
  • The Mindful Way to Emotional Balance
  • Cultivating the Habits of the Heart and Mind that Foster Peace and Joy
  • Meditation to Ease the Emotions
  • Clarify Values and Intentions
  • What do Values and Intentions Have to Do with Emotional Balance?
  • Mediation to Balance the Heart-Mind
  • Paying Attention
  • Noticing your Breath
  • Mindful Breathing
  • Coming Back to Your Body
  • Loving-Kindness Meditation 1
  • Quality of Breath
  • Practice Being Present
  • Feeling Tones
  • Harnessing the Power of Feeling Tones
  • Meditation to Ease Fears and Worry
  • MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Relief) and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) – Introduction, Importance, and Benefits
  • How MBSR and MBCT Help Changing Negative Thoughts, Help Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Addictive Behaviours
  • Guided Meditation / Body Scan
  • Deeper Dive into MBSR and MBCT
  • Breath Awareness and Mindfulness of Feelings and Thoughts
  • Identifying Your Reactions
  • Meditation for Inner Peace
  • The Healing Practice of Forgiveness
  • Quelling Anger and Transforming Anger into Compassion
  • Loving-Kindness Meditation 2/Gratitude
  • Discussion, Q & A Session
  • Build Community
  • Walking Meditation/Meditation for Every Day

Course Requirements

There are only two requirements for this program:

  1. A Beginner’s Mind
  2. A Desire to Improve the Quality of Your Life

About your Teacher

Paddy Kennedy was an elite-trained athlete whose body gave out after years and years of rigourous training. She was left permanently disabled and had to learn how to get back on her feet. After 25 years of studying complementary and alternative medicine modalities in several countries and world cultures to understand a chronic pain disorder, she was diagnosed with Cancer. Not one to ever quit, and with the advice of her brilliant doctor, Paddy began studying meditation in depth, especially Mindfulness meditation and Qi Gong Meditation. In 2000, Paddy, a Canadian citizen, was awarded the prestigious Type O-1 Visa entrance into the United States. This Visa is for World-class experts in their field. Paddy entered the US as a World-class expert in Wellness Training. She lectured at Cornell Medical and Rockefeller Universities, and taught Mindfulness and Qi Gong at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains, New York. She set up her Wellness Practice in New York. Today, Paddy is cancer free but still lives with a debilitating pain disorder. She is the founder and Principal of Kennedy Communication Studio, International with clients coming from over 90 countries. She manages her remarkably busy schedule by implementing the techniques of Mindfulness and the Philosophy of Qi Gong meditation systems on a daily basis.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become

-- The Buddha

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