Paddy Kennedy has been in the business of developing individuals for 49 years. Her entire professional career has been one of teacher, trainer, coach, and mentor. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, she now resides in Oman.

Paddy is a professional speaker, speech coach, leadership coach, voice coach, and accent reduction teacher and trainer. She is the Principal of her own International Communication company, Kennedy Communication Studio. Her clients come to her over from 90 countries, all looking for a better, more effective way to speak, communicate, and lead. She is considered a Global Thought Leader in the field of Voice and Communication.

Paddy spent 10 years in New York City working with Business leaders, Professionals and UN Ministers in the field of Global Communication. Today, she works with Global Business leaders and Professionals, helping them to strategize their leadership and communication for a winning outcome. She is the author of several training programs which cross a wide spectrum of business and professional subjects. Her most recent article, “The Most Important Thing” is published in Women On Success, a recent compilation of articles put together by Mr. Mohamed Isa.

In 2016, Paddy was asked to write a Women in Leadership Development program for Women in Northern and East Europe. This program, You ARE Enough, continues to be successfully delivered across Europe and in the Middle East. Her Middle Eastern client list maintains its growth with a focus on Global Leadership, International Language, Voice Development, Accent Reduction, and Strategic Communication.

She is the creator of a Voice Development program for women, Your Brave Voice: Free Your Authentic Voice, Liberate Your Speaking Voice.

She has been a professional speaker since 1997 and has since spoken in more than 20 countries. Paddy lives in Vancouver Canada and makes several trips a year to the GCC Region where she bases herself in Sohar, Oman.

Paddy Kennedy